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Regenasure® Glucosamine - The only vegetarian glucosamine with GRAS status produced in the United States. It is produced without the contaminants, environmental impact, and seasonality related to the production and sourcing of shellfish-derived glucosamine. Because it is the ONLY glucosamine produced without shellfish, a well known allergen, it is an extremely expensive ingredient. Common grocery store products such as Osteo Bi-Flex, MoveFree, and TripleFlex CONTAIN cheap glucosamine that IS MADE from shellfish.

Univestin® - It is a patented joint care natural ingredient clinically proven to alleviate joint discomfort , reduce stiffness, and improve mobility as effectively as prescription drugs or OTC drugs. Univestin® contains proprietary bioflavonoids derived from two well-known medicinal plants (scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu) and can be used daily without the side effects of prescription and OTC drugs. Univestin® inhibits COX/LOX enzymes and reduces inflammation without gastric side effects. Additionally, there have been numerous in vivo and in vitro safety testing with no adverse side effects.

Chondroitin - Chondroitin sulfate is believed to have several positive effects on the body that can help with arthritis-related pain and loss of mobility. It may help reduce inflammation, aid in cartilage rebuilding and repair, prevent cartilage breakdown, and alleviate joint discomfort. A study by the National Institutes of Health found that those with moderate to severe arthritis pain who took chondroitin sulfate with glucosamine experienced “statistically significant pain relief” when compared to a placebo group.

Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic Acid coats every cartilage cell in the body. It combines with several other substances to make the cartilage resilient to compression. Hyaluronic Acid has also been shown to help lubricate, comfort, and cushion joints. Hyaluronic Acid also tends to make up a smaller percentage of most joint supplements (less than 4mg). SomaFlex contains 10mg in each serving.

Turmeric Root Extract - Turmeric is a plant (Curcuma longa), native to South India and Indonesia that has many health benefits. The root been used from antiquity as a condiment in Asian cooking such as curries and medically as an aromatic stimulant. It is a common ingredient in Indian food, such as curry powder, and yellow mustard. An extract from turmeric root called curcumin has become quite popular due to its various health benefits. In a recent study, Turmeric Root Extract was shown to have a significant impact on both chronic and acute arthritis. The study concluded that Turmeric inhibits joint destruction while also blocking a protein responsible for inflammation

White Willow Bark - White Willow Bark has been used medicinally as far back as during the time of the Ancient Egyptians who used the bark to treat inflammation. White Willow Bark contains the active ingredient salicin, which has a lot of the same pain relieving effects of aspirin. People take white willow bark instead of aspirin, however, because it does not appear to be as irritating to the stomach lining. Researchers have also suggested that white willow bark is more effective than aspirin because of other active compounds that are found in the bark but not the drug.